Sheet Association



• The Sheet Association (formerly Sheet Village Association) is the residents’ association of Sheet. It became the Sheet Association when Sheet Parish was formed and includes all the residents of the parish.
• It applied for Charitable Status and the Sheet Village Community Trust was set up in 2012 to receive grants and bequests, and to acquire assets.
• In 2019 the Community Trust was converted into a Foundation Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), with identical Objects and Powers to the original Trust.
• The Sheet Village Community Trust is a legally constituted body outside the Parish Council, with the following objectives:

o Conservation of the environment in and around the village of Sheet
o Provision and enhancement of public amenities in Sheet
o Education of the public about conservation and protection of the environment within Sheet
o Acquisition of equipment and/or land with or without buildings for the purposes of public amenity, recreation and enjoyment.

• The Sheet Association furthers these objectives and fosters a sense of community identity by:

o Encouraging participation in community and social activities.
o Focussing and expressing the views of the residents of Sheet.
o Welcoming and informing new residents about Sheet and the neighbourhood.
o Providing Sheet News, published twice-yearly.
o Providing a community website.

• The working committee of the Sheet Association, is elected at the Annual General Meeting. The current committee is:

Chairman: Andrew Platt (trustee)
Treasurer: John Trewby (trustee)
Secretary: Vacant
Editor Sheet News: Vaughan Clarke (trustee)
Web Site: Lesley Hall
Film Club: Jayne Flatt
Press Liaison: Lucy Pringle
Road Safety: Scott Gibbons (trustee)
Community Trust Secretary: Sue McBean

Ex Officio:
Church Vicar
Parish Council:   A Councillor
Sheet School:    (FOSS) Representative

Updated Jan 2022

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